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SF2 code v1.0

I posted this sometime back in early '97 on alt.games.sf2. I've seen it get picked up a little bit in signatures on SRK, so I thought I'd repost it here.

SF2 code v1.0

(The following section adapted from Robert A. Hayden's Geek code v2.1)

We Street Fighter players are many. Some of us are newbies, some of us are masters, some are scrubs. This is my first attempt to provide a code for fellow SF2 players to
recognize each other simply, and without undue flamage.

How to tell the world you are a SF2 player, you ask? Use the universal SF2 code. By joining the SF2 players organization, you have license to use this special code that will allow you to let other un-closeted SF2 players know who you are in a simple, codified statement.

The single best way to announce your SF2 player status is to add your SF2 code to your signature file and announce it far and wide. But be careful, you may give other SF2 players the courage to come out of the closet. You might want to hang on to your copy of the code in order to help them along.

The SF2 code consists of several categories. Each category is labeled with a letter and some qualifiers. Go through each category and determine which set of qualifiers best describes you in that category. By stringing all of these 'codes' together, you are able to construct your overall SF2 code. It is this single line of code that will inform other SF2 players the world over of what a great SF2 player you actually are.

Some of the qualifiers will very probably not match with you exactly. Simply choose that qualifier that MOST CLOSELY matches you. Also, some activities described in a specific qualifier you may not engage in, while you do engage in others. Each description of each qualifier describes the wide range of activities that apply, so as long as you match with one, you can probably use that qualifier.

Also, pay particular attention to case-sensitivity, there can be a big difference between a 't' and a 'T'.


SF2 players can seldom be quantified. To facilitate the fact that within any one category the SF2 player may not be able determine a specific rating, variables have been designed to allow this range to be included.

For variable, said trait is not very rigid, may change with time or with individual interaction. For example, SF2 players who use ken's short short throw all the time but think all other throws are ultra cheap would have a rating of t+@--

For indicating "cross-overs" or ranges. SF2 players who go from M+ to M--- depending on the situation (i.e. mostly "M+") could use M+(---). This could be a polite player who sometimes gets really obnoxious when he wins a lot.

For 'wannabe' ratings. Indicating that while the SF2 player is currently at one rating, they are striving to reach another. For example, T- -> +

@ is different from () in that () has finite limits within the category, while @ ranges all over.

SF2 players vary in their uses and views on throws.

My name is Rasheed Rankins, or Lord Baal. My goal in life is to throw you. I'll throw instead of combo you when you are dizzy, just to make a point.

I have no compulsions about using repeated ticks. They win me the game, don't they?

I'll throw you if you're turtling, but I don't go out of my way to throw.

I'll sac throw, or walk under throw, but that's it. Walk up throws and/or ticks are cheap!

I'll slam your face on the machine if you throw me. The last Zangief player I fought now is now missing a testicle.

SF2 players range from Ken Kombo Kings to struggling beginners.

I can do DeeJay's 15 hit combos in my sleep. I think only wimps use one digit combos.

I can do Guile's Fierce/Fierce/Sonic Kick and Ken's TOD. If you are dizzy against me, you lose.

I can do Fierce/Fierce/Fireball most of the time.

Wow! I got a two-in-one off the other day!

I heard that jumping Roundhouse/crouching Roundhouse was a combo, but I'm not sure...

I've spent time developing my one combo, which I can do consistently, but I can't do others of the same caliber.

Timing is an important aspect of SF2, not easily learned.

I never fail well timed attacks. I supercombo people on reaction to jabs.

You'd better not fireball against my charged Balrog. Not even Vega can jump in on my Ryu.

If you jump in on my Ryu, you'll eat a DP 90% of the time. I get most walk under throws.

I find air throws difficult to do. I have a hard time safely jumping straight up over fireballs.

I can't seem to get Vega to throw after a wall dive, even when my opponent is just standing there.

Oh! It's do the joystick motion, *then* push the button!!

Are you a lean mean killing machine? Or are you a softhearted sissy?

I ask my opponent to tie third round and then throw a fireball one second before time runs out. I try to get 5 year old girls to play me so I can stay on the machine longer.

I crush newbies like the girly men they are! I like to use big combos and ticks when they're trying to figure out blocking!

I use any method within the game to win. I'll pretend to be weaker against weaker players to 'milk' them for the most amount of money.

I kid around sometimes, but I don't give second rounds, not even to newbies.

I'm a nice guy. I'll give second rounds, and I'll play goofy characters even against good players just for the fun of it.

I don't care whether I win or lose. The fun is in playing the game! I make it a point not to stay on the machine for more than 2 turns.

I've devoted my life to playing a goofy character and playing him as ruthlessly and crushingly as possible! I travel the world to beat on overconfident Ryu players! Arggghhh!! *foam* *froth*!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

How well have you mastered the fireball and it's various traps?

One I get someone in the corner with my Ryu, they never get a hit on me again.

I'm considered a "master" at local arcades. I fake fireballs, and DP them when they jump in.

I can throw fireballs, and DP, but people jump over my fireballs and hit me occasionally.

Are they telepathic or what? Every time I throw a fireball, I get kicked in the face!

Oh, you can vary the speed of the fireball with the button pressed!? Ahhhhhh....

Some SF2 players are adept with T-Hawk and Zangief. Others are still learning...

I can tick with Zangief's Supercombo. Consistently.

I can SPD 100% of the time. I've spent quite a bit of time with grapplers, and I can crush you like an empty tin can if you blink.

I'm a fairly average grappler. I can SPD most of the time, I guess.

I spin the joystick around like crazy and mash on the buttons, shaking the machine and jumping up and down. It works more often than you think!

Forget it. After 5 years and 100K, I've given up on trying to get an SPD.

I'm on a holy crusade to brand as cheap anyone who used an SPD. It's the devil's work.

Okay, fess up. This is the true test of your passion....

I spend over $50 a week on street fighter. I've bought my own machine too.

I'll easily spend over $5 in one sitting. Once I've found good competition, the money just keeps on flowin'

I'm restrained enough to put in one quarter, play one game, and leave afterwards.

I spend less than a dollar a week on street fighter.

I still have tokens left over from when I last played... in CE.

I'm so damn good that I'm still playing the same game from last week!

I don't keep track of how much money I spend. That way, I can play guilt free!

Just how good are you?

People leave when they see me put my quarter up. I don't lose games.

I've had winning streaks of over 10 against serious competition. Most of my opponents pay more than I do.

I win some and lose some. I don't rule the machine, but I've beaten even the masters occasionally.

I hardly ever win, but I'm getting better!

Win? What's that?

Everyone around me sucks so much that I think I must be skilled for beating them. I tell everyone I meet how great I am, never realizing that I am in fact a scrub.

I usually lose, but then again, my competitors are so damn good that I can justify my losses. I'm really quite good, really I am.

Some SF2 players play Ryu only, and some play the spectrum. How varied are you?

I play every single character.

I play 4 or 5 characters regularly.

I have a main character and a backup character if I lose.

I play one character. I'm pretty much screwed if I can�t beat my opponent with him.

I've never even tried any other character but my own.

I'm still deciding who to play.

Polite? Rude? Tell us about your 'arcadiquette'.

If I beat my opponent, I offer him a quarter and a smile.

I always compliment my opponent on a game well played. I never put anyone down.

I tend to ignore my opponent as a person, prefering to concentrate on the screen.

I laugh at my opponent when he screws up, and brag about how great I am to the crowd.

I'm hated at arcades all over the world. I publicly humiliate my opponents and put my elbows on their playing space.

The Net:
How much are you involved on alt.games.sf2? The first value is for reading, the second for posting. So someone with n++:-- has been a total lurker on agsf2, but has read every single article ever posted.

I have read every article on agsf2 since it's creation:I'm known as a net.personality
on agsf2.

I read most articles on agsf2: I post quite a bit, and the veterans recognize me.

n :
I read agsf2 when I'm bored: I've posted a few articles.

I rarely read agsf2: I posted once or twice, but I've never really had anything to say.

I just stumbled here by accident. Who are you wierdos anyway?: I'm a total lurker. Never posted.

Just how big a part of your life do you devote to this game?

SF2 is my life. I stay up at night thinking of combos and strategies. I'm going to marry Chun Li.

I play every day. I read SF2 fiction, and tell SF2 jokes. My friends think I'm wierd.

I play occasionally, but that's about it.

I really don't have time to make SF2 a priority.

SF2 fiction? You guys need to get a life!

I don't really care about the game, but I still want to marry Chun Li.

With that posted, here's my SF2 code:

SF2 Code v1.0: t+ c+ T+ r+(-) f g+ m+ s+ v+ M+(-) n+:++ o+

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