Sunday, August 12, 2007

Dictator's Jab->Super

There's a Dictator combo I've always seen Japanese players do, and I've never been able to figure out how they do it. It's simply standing jab into super. Now that I've got a PS2 and CCC2, I've messed around in training mode, and I was able to do it. Here's how you do it

Charge back for 2 seconds.
Joystick towards
Joystick back
press jab
Joystick towards
press kick

It works! This is also how you do Boxer's stand jab into super. Now it's just a matter of practice, but the main combo (for both characters) is

low jab x 2
stand jab

The timing that seems to work for me (at least for Boxer) is to just do the regular super motion, and press jab twice, the first jab being a tad early. I'm not very consistent with it but it's getting better.


Deezo said...

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah Julien! Time to practice that ass!

Beorn said...

nice blog and good info i´m adding you to my blogroll

Ponder said...

I'm pretty sure this works, too:

charge back 2 seconds
toward + jab + short

zass said...

That worked, ponder, although I'm not sure I understand why. The psycho crusher should have come out there instead of the jab.

It was tricky to time since if I pressed the buttons too quickly together like jab~short (to borrow nohoho's notation, where ~ means immediately after), I wasn't even hitting on the jab.

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