Thursday, March 19, 2009

ST: HDR patch

Looks like Capcom finally released a patch for HD Remix. Let's go over the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The good:
* Music seems fixed
* Lifebar glitch fixed
* I haven't had a disconnect yet (other than ragequits)
* Rankings are fixed, and matchmaking seems correlated to rankings. Within my first 7 games I was playing against strong players that were giving me a challenge. It was exciting and fun. That's good!

The bad:
* Players can see your win/loss record in the lobby now and just quit if they don't like it. That's idiotic. It shouldn't display at all
* Rankings are STILL by player, instead of by player/character combination. That's retarded. My Cammy is terrible. So is my Dhalsim. What does my Dhalsim score have anything to do with the score of characters I do play competitively? Rank player/character combinations.

The ugly:
* Akuma is still there. Just delete him from the select screen. He's completely broken and I'm willing to stand by that statement. He should be banned from tournaments.


XSPR said...

Well if you pick Cammy/Dhalsim does that mean it shouldn't count? And if you have player-character specific rank, how would that acknowledge counter-character picks (ie would it have to rank player-character-vs.Opponent'sChararcter, so your ryu would be good against Hondas, but not against Dhalsims)?

btw did you check out Execution Aid yet?

zass said...

Yeah but rankings take all of that into account. It's supposed to rank *you* being consistent even if your opponents aren't.

I haven't checked out execution aid yet, I'll look into it!