Saturday, September 8, 2007

Option selecting Psycho Crusher/Scissor Kicks

I've been playing a little bit more of dictator at my weekly gatherings, and I've realized that sometimes I just don't have enough charge for a scissor kicks combo. I realized this when I crossed over a zangief player with jumping forward, and then did three standing shorts. Usually this combos into scissor kicks but sometimes the kicks weren't coming out.

This might be because of the variables charge times in super turbo, and because dictator's scissor kicks is the longest charge time move in the game. The speed at which I press the standing shorts is probably affecting my charge time. If I did a pyscho crusher instead, I would probably have gotten that out every time, but I was greedy and going for the longer charge time pyscho crusher.

Should I stop going for crossover scissor kick combos? No! I had the idea that maybe I could go for an option select.

The idea would be:
Jump with crossup forward
Keep holding lever back
Stand short x 3
Move lever towards opponent
Press roundhouse kick and fierce punch one right after the other

If you have a long enough charge for the scissor kick, the roundhouse kick input should give you a scissor kick. However, if you don't have a long enough charge, then the roundhouse kick should come out for a very short time (1 frame or so), and then get kara cancelled into the fierce pyscho crusher!

So you get to have your cake and eat it too. You can try for the scissor kicks, but if it doesn't come out.

This can also be useful in Dictator's other standard combo
Crossover forward
Stand short x 2
Low foward
Fierce Psycho Crusher

Replace the last "Fierce Psycho Crusher" with a roundhouse instantly followed by a fierce, and you should be able to try for the more damaging combo safely.

I've tried this on my machine, and it seems to work. However, to really prove that this works, perhaps some kind reader would try it out on an emulator? I really need to learn how to set up inputs on emulators. Proving this kind of stuff would be great.


RADN said...

Good read. If I can find my ps2 to USB converter I will try it out.

Anonymous said...

Sup, zass? Do you by any chance know what stick, and more importantly what CONVERTER, Daigo used in his matches against Choi at Evo2k4?
They're playin the Dreamcast version so I assume it's either [B]Total Control Plus[/B] or [B]Total Control 2[/B] I also pm'ed you on SRK regardin this just in case you miss it here. Hope you can find this out as I want to know which one has and/or doesn't have input lag, thanx.