Sunday, July 22, 2007

Machine Gun Upper

For some reason, I keep coming back to Dee Jay. There's something cathartic about playing him against the inhumanly difficult CPU. The CPU is so hard that it forces you to really get every one of your moves down. I've been practicing combos around the Machine Gun Upper for the last few days, and there's mainly two I've been working on.

Crossup forward, low jab, low short, MGU
Crossup forward, low jab, low jab, MGU

These two combos seem very similar, but there are differences. It seems as if the low short interrupts faster into the MGU than the jab. However, I seem to get thrown a lot by the computer a lot in between the jab and the short when I am trying the latter combo. I think this is because the short button press has to happen faster than the second jab would. So I've been switching to jab.

I can't seem to get the last hit of the MGU. I get 3 hits on it, but the fourth remains elusive. I'm also not sure how to control the speed of the MGU. Sometimes they hit slowly, and sometimes they all hit so fast you can't see it.

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Ross said...

NKI told me that all you have to do is mash the first 3 hits like wow, and then stop mashing right away and the finisher should come out. This is Kabukimono from srk btw.